The catering service is fundamental in the organization of any event, as gastronomy is usually one of the main points remembered by the guests. Because of this, it is important to take some points into consideration when hiring a company specialized in catering service, like Imppacto Catering & Eventos who’s a reference in the organization of business events and weddings in Portugal. The first important point in defining the catering for your wedding party, meeting or convention is time: it is essential that the catering service is hired well in advance and that the conditions of the event space are taken care of. Some wedding venues in Portugal offer inclusive services such as catering and decoration, for example. If you want to find the best provider, we’re leaving here the following steps: Number of Guests Whether it is a business event or the organization of a wedding, it is very important to define the number of guests, as this will dictate the amount of food and drink and ensure the quality of catering. From the simplest menu to the most complex tasting, an experienced team and an exceptional chef think through every detail, take root in the flavors of traditional cuisine, but don’t forget to bring trends and work creatively. Here at Imppacto, the gastronomic proposal comes true with the selection of the right wine to perfectly combine various flavors and personalities. References Good services yield good words. Look for references about the work of the company you are hiring. Imppacto Catering & Eventos has positive catering and event reviews regardless of the type of service you are interested in, as well as being recommended by the best wedding organization websites in Portugal. Inquire about other services Bringing the services of your party organization together into one vendor reduces the conflict and leaves you more relaxed to focus on things that really can only be solved by you. Imppacto Catering & Eventos offers, besides a differentiated gastronomy, decoration; fine dining; Rental of materials such as furniture, accessories and textiles, wedding planer and spaces that guarantee elegance and will make your event a unique moment for you and your guests. Spaces Imppacto Catering & Eventos has exclusive spaces for your event. From wedding venues to partner spaces for meetings and conventions. We tailor our services to your event proposal. Details All Imppacto Catering & Eventos employees take care of every detail of your event so that it has refinement and personality. These details are very important for your guests to have the best experience possible at your party or meeting. Imppacto’s mission is to promote a service of excellence in creating unforgettable moments. It is this importance that we give to the details that makes the company an unavoidable reference in catering and event creation. Regarding the organization of weddings in Portugal, Imppacto Catering & Eventos is a company with extensive experience in the market and has several recommendations and testimonials. Contact us if you are interested in having successful wedding parties or corporate events.

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