Estefânia is on fashion and makes you want to walk and get to know it better. It is here in this quiet, downtown neighborhood that you will find Raffi’s Bagels, with a secret green terrace that invites you to come specially at brunch time and savor our *The Bagel Brunch*, accompanied with our special hemp tea, served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30!

Do you already know hemp tea?

What Is Hemp? Hemp has been cultivated for centuries and used for the preparation of food or fabrics. Hemp food is 100% natural and its nutritional values are ideal for the human body. Hemp-based foods are products of the legal varieties of cannabis that do not contain THC. Hemp seeds are processed in their natural form and are peeled or cold pressed to obtain hemp seed oil, hemp protein or hemp meal. The new herb (flowers, leaves and seeds) is harvested by hand for tea. Hemp food does not contain any THC but contains many other valuable nutrients (CBD – cannabidiol, precious proteins, aminoacids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and other important bioactive substances). Among the cannabinoids, we classify not only the substances that can be found in the hemp plant, but also those that our body is able to process by itself (endocannabinoids). These substances help TO KEEP the balance of our metabolic system. The cannabinoid system helps you to accept changes and adjust them peacefully and cheerfully, basically helping us to be more open-minded persons. Interesting fact: newborns receive endocannbinoids during breastfeeding in the mother milk in order to develop taste for food and learn to eat. What are the virtues of Hemp Tea? Hemp tea does not contain THC, nevertheless it contains CBD which is helpful as an effective natural supplement when suffering from insomnia, digestion problems, migranes, pains or asthma and breathing problems. CBD calms down parasympathetic neurological system and enables THE START OF the immunity system of the body. As one of few plants it is ideal for women throughout entire pregnancy and after. In the early stages of pregnancy it eases nausea. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester it helps to calm down the neurological system and contribute to lower the heart rate. It also helps to improve sleep and relieve from any breathing complications. After birth it positively affects production and quality of Breast Milk.

For your lunch in Lisbon we have 4 varieties of baggels:

Extra Tasty • Relax & Harmony Body & Soul • Regeneration & Relaxation Super Zen • Harmony, Regeneration & Immunity Start the Day • Mental well being & Regeneration Come and try (or repeat) your brunch in Lisbon at Raffi’s Baggels Estefânia to prove the benefíts, or wherever you prefer, Through  Uber Eats / Glovo.

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