When organizing an event, whether personal or corporate, you need expert help. A catering service and event organization company should offer a range of services that will make life easier for hosts. It is essential to take into account what you want and what are the main objectives of the event and what is the budget for it. With this information, it’s time to hire a catering service and event organization company to make your dream event a reality. We have prepared some tips that can help you when choosing the best provider.

What is the niche of the company?

You need to know if the company you want to hire works with corporate events, weddings, children’s parties or festivals, concerts and sporting events. This is important to know if they can handle the needs of your event.

Some services the company can offer

Catering Service

A Catering Service is the essential element of an event: it determines how sophisticated it is and whether or not it will be unforgettable. From the simplest menu to the most complex tasting, and always considering the type of circumstance and concept you have in mind, the ideal is for an experienced team and exceptional chef to handle every detail, always following the new trend that are rooted in the flavors of traditional cuisine, where the gastronomic selection focuses primarily on freshness and taste, aesthetics and creativity. The gastronomic proposal must always be fulfilled with the selection of the appropriate wine to perfectly combine various flavors and personalities. You have to do your best for the most special moments of your life, but we also have your eyes set on your future.


The decoration of the space where your event will take place reflects the personality of the people or companies that promote it. Whether for a more traditional circumstance or something bolder, there are many trends to choose from in decorating: the timeless vintage, the rustic that captivates everyone or a more urban aesthetic, based on the idea of ​​contemporary, to just a few of the many options available.

Equipment and material rental

You have to check if the catering service and event organization company offers a variety of furniture, such as tables and chairs, as well as accessories, services, glasses, cutlery and textiles that guarantee elegance, refinement and extreme neatness to your event.

Fine dinning

With a philosophy that can transform any theme or circumstance into exceptional food design delicacies, the table becomes the ideal setting for an opportunity to experience multiple emotions in one night. In fine dining time is a luxury. The delight of imagination, stomach and senses has its own rhythm that promotes the praise of slowness through a creative menu, which is itself a kind of long musical narrative whose rhythm – gastronomic rhythm, in this case – always goes to taste of what is being served on each occasion by the chef.

Exclusive spaces

Some companies have exclusive spaces for events, which can save time and money. Imppacto is an experienced catering and event organization company with many recommendations and testimonials. We can help you make your wedding an unforgettable moment. Contact us if you are interested in having successful wedding parties or corporate events!

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