Imagine finding wedding venues in Portugal that can recreate a fairytale: a princess-like day, with the luxury that only a royal, traditional, and quite romantic wedding is entitled to. The classic style for weddings is never out of fashion and 10, 20 years ago, when you look at the pictures, you will see that you made the best choice.

Here are some tips for organizing a classic wedding in Portugal

  1. Stay focused
Grooms who choose a classic wedding should keep in mind that there is no possibility of daring much and everything should follow the same style. From the cake to the wedding dress and the poses of the photographs have a pattern. Bridesmaids can wear the same colors and groomsmen black ties. The evasê dress, the discreet white shoe, the veil and the wreath are indispensable items to compose the look of the traditional bride. The groom, on the other hand, usually wears a lapel and tuxedo, as his grandfather married. 2. Set the colors Traditional weddings often use discreet colors and more neutral tones. The boldness in the decoration may be due to the size of the floral arrangements, for example. 3. Invitations In traditional invitations it is good to use cursive handwriting and the text in full. It is the parents of the bride and groom who invite to the ceremony and to the wedding reception. Your envelopes are manually addressed by a professional calligrapher. 4. Decoration Even in a classic wedding there is the option of a simpler decoration. This will depend on the space where the event will take place, as there are places that do not need much to be magical. The most common flowers are roses, but carnations, orchids, lilies, astromeliads and gypsophils are not set aside in a traditional wedding decoration. The furniture you choose will also play a very important role in the composition of the visual identity: opt for imposing chandeliers, royal armchairs, candles, candlesticks and glass, crystal and acrylic items, to bring all the sophistication that style demands! 5. Traditions Grooms opting for a traditional marriage should know that protocols should be strictly adhered to. The procession in the church, the throwing of the bouquet after serving the dessert, the toast and the first dance are some points that cannot be forgotten.

Wedding venues in Portugal

Quinta das Façalvas

Quinta das Façalvas holds events for up to 300 people and has parking for 150 vehicles. Located in the center of Palmela, it has stunning views over the south bank region, the Sintra mountains and the Vasco da Gama bridge. The entire space of the farm has been modernized, but without forgetting the historical roots of an estate from the beginning of the last century. Inside, civil marriage is allowed to take place in comfort and style. While the large interior rooms easily adapt to wedding party themes or decorations.

Herdade do Monte Novo

Bringing all the beauty of the Alentejo, Herdade do Monte Novo is one of the best wedding venues in Portugal. With a maximum capacity of 250 people and the same number of cars in the parking lot, this farm is located near Pinhal Novo. Ideal for outdoor weddings and during the day.

Quinta do Gradil

Have you ever imagined getting married on the farm that belonged to the Marquis of Pombal? Imppacto Catering & Eventos can provide you with this. Quinta do Gradil is one of the oldest estates in Cadaval county and has a winery tradition that goes through centuries. The property consists of a noble chapel adorned with an artfully decorated turret, a housing estate, a wine cellar and an agricultural area of ​​200 hectares occupied with wine and fruit productions.
Imppacto offers wedding venues in Portugal and partner spaces, such as the Quinta da Bacalhôa Palace. Imppacto Catering e Eventos is a company with a lot of experience in the market and has several recommendations and testimonials. We can help you make your wedding an unforgettable moment. Contact us if you are interested in having successful wedding parties or corporate events!

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